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قصة الفيلم

Raja(Jr. NTR), an orphan, is a ruthless robber. He dreams of earning a fast buck so that he can settle down in life. And then, he stumbles on a fine opportunity. A ravishing beauty Mahi (Priyamani), a rich heiress, falls in love with him. The girl happens to be his childhood well-wisher and has always considered him her prince. He plans to surrender the girl to a gang who wants to kill her for her riches. But the villains play foul, and kill him. Raja reaches Yamaloka. He creates confusion in Yamaloka by stealing Yamapasam as whoever in possession of Yamapasam will become Yama. The rest of the story is all about how Yama (Mohan Babu) and Raja try to outsmart each other. After regaining power, Yama sends Raja back to earth, but only to take away his life once again.

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