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Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and a peg of brandy instead of a glass milk, Vicky Kapoor, the only son of multi-millionaire industrialist, Amarnath, grows up to be an alcoholic, albeit with a good heart. Amarnath has detached himself completely from Vicky s life, and provides him money in lieu of affection and care, living this to be taken care off by Munshi Phoolchand. Vicky is very resentful of being ignored by his dad in this manner, and leaves no stone unturned to mock and belittle him at every available opportunity. Amarnath hopes to get his son married, but Vicky loves the daughter of a poor blind man, Meena, which is not acceptable to Amarnath. One day Amarnath decides he has had enough and decides to turn Vicky out of his house. He has him sign waivers, and asks him to get out, which Vicky does so. While Vicky is relieved of being freed from his dad s control, the question remains that with no skills at making a living, how is Vicky to survive in a cold-hearted world

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